Practical Tips for Adopting a Plant-Based Diets – Guest Post

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Hello! in this post we welcome Sheila Olson of to our page to share some of her thoughts around plant-based diets.

If you’re considering switching to a plant-based diet, you aren’t alone. This way of living has become increasingly popular as people start to recognize the health benefits. According to Nutrition Australia, research shows that a plant-based diet can lower blood pressure, improve heart health, and reduce the risk of diabetes. If you’re just starting your journey into plant-based eating, the transition period can be tough. These practical tips are here to help.

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Pinpoint your reasons for choosing a plant-based diet

As mentioned, prioritising plants in your diet has health benefits. It can also help the environment, as the meat industry is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Defining your reasons for going plant-based can help you stay motivated as you change your diet. For example, if you are diagnosed with coeliac disease—which affects 1 in 70 Australians—switching to a plant-based diet can help you to focus on clean food items that are naturally gluten free and overall improve your gut health.

Prepare for the transition to a plant-based diet by refreshing your space

When you’re making a big change in life like overhauling your diet, it can help to create a clean slate at home. Take the time to cleanse your space, starting by decluttering and then giving your kitchen a deep clean from top to bottom. Creating a stress-free, soothing environment will help boost your energy levels and your mood, getting you excited for the next chapter in life—the plant-based one!

Find healthy and tasty plant-based recipes you’ll love to cook

If you’re new to plant-based cooking, you’ll have to pick up some new recipes. Luckily, the rising popularity of meat-free eating means there are lots of options readily available online. This roundup from Best Recipes offers loads of diverse options, from gluten free vegan breakfast fritters to quinoa salad. As you try out new recipes, keep notes on those that you enjoy and mark them for later use. Soon enough, you’ll have your very own plant-based cookbook to turn to. Keep an eye out for over processed vegan foods which will not benefit your health. 

Drink plenty of water in your plant-based diet to boost your health

As your body adjusts to a plant-based diet, make sure to drink plenty of water. Water helps to boost health at the cellular level and can also ensure you feel full with every meal, preventing overeating. The average adult man should drink about 2.6 litres of fluids per day, while the average adult woman should drink about 2.1 litres of fluids per day. Keep a water bottle by your side daily to track your hydration status and make sure you’re keeping up.

Find support for your plant-based diet 

When you’re making a big life change like going plant-based, you may face periods of doubt. It can help to have a supportive community to turn to when you’re struggling. This is especially important if you live in a household with other people who are not going plant-based themselves. Whole Foods Plant Based Health Australia offers a resource guide of meet-ups, webinars, and other events where you can connect with like-minded people.

Know when to treat yourself

Going plant-based doesn’t need to mean you’re going to have to skimp on your favourite treats, like sweets. Do your research and find products that are both tasty and plant-diet-friendly. Melinda’s Gluten-Free Goods offers a variety of products made with clean ingredients. They’re gluten free, vegan, dairy, and egg-free. Their baking mixes give you easy-to-prepare mixes that you can whip up yourself at home when you need a little something special.

Going plant-based can be a difficult transition at first. You’ll have to adapt to a new style of cooking and eating. However, the benefits can make the effort well worth it. Trust the tips above to guide you on your plant-based dietary journey.

Thank you

Fit Sheila

Want to connect with a community of gluten free foodies who love to eat? Check out the resource centre.

Note: Melinda does not share all the same ideals around plant based eating but thought it handy to share Sheila’s insights to our followers.


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    I love my plant-based diet and have enjoyed this style of eating now for 8 years. Thanks for sharing this article.

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