Our Baking Mixes – Taste, Texture and Time


What will our baking mixes give you? Taste, texture and time.

TASTE & TEXTURE!!! I won’t release a product that already exists on the market unless I can improve on the taste and texture. Anyone who has tried gluten-free and keto food products/recipes will know the challenge behind a dessert that ticks both the taste and texture box. It’s hard to put into words so you’ll just have to try them yourself! I’ve definitely thrown out more than I’ve consumed over the years striving to get the taste & texture spot on. Anyone who has been, or is on, the same path will know exactly what I mean – things look appealing on the packs but once you try them they are totally different.

Although I myself have spent much time perfecting these mixes, you’ll get time back. Baking no longer requires you to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen to create a scrumptious homemade dessert that everyone will rave about. It’s gluten-free baking made easy.

Of course, we’ve worked super hard to ensure they are a cost-efficient choice and that the minimal add-ins can be altered to suit most dietary requirements or vegan guests.

My product boxes say we ‘positively impact hundreds of Australian families every day’ which is 100% true and one of the many reasons Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies will always be manufactured in Australia. From the truck driver who delivers our ingredients, to the blenders, packers and companies who distribute our products every Melinda’s product you consume ensures jobs for Australians.

Why I created baking mixes

17 years ago there was a severe lack of good quality cake options in café cabinets. There was only ever the orange & almond or jaffa cake and I had loads of meetings at cafes so it became boring very quickly. Very frustrated I decided to gift my local café one of our family gluten-free Choc Mud Cakes and it sold for $7 a piece overnight and the café owner said ‘keep them coming!’ it just grew from there to a full café cake range and then morphed into the baking mixes.

Today, I thought I would share our baking mixes that came about from this realisation, the boredom of eating the same treats and wanting to create delicious goodies for those living an allergy-safe lifestyle.

Our baking mixes

For taste, texture and time be sure to check out our baking mixes, perfect for your next entertaining food service

Low Carb Muffin Mix


In a matter of minutes, you can have 40 mini or 8 jumbo carb-friendly muffins perfect to serve fresh or freeze for the future.

Add in berries, chocolate chips, nuts, spices, fruits and more to jazz up the mix to your taste.

Seed Cracker Mix


All you need is to add water and bake, it’s as simple as that to create a tasty snack of 200gm seed crackers!

Serve with dips, cheese, smashed avo, nut butter, or whatever your heart desires for these tasty and versatile low-carb seed crackers.

Pancake & Waffle Mix


Pancakes and waffles are hard to resist, and with this low-carb mix, it will be virtually impossible!

With only 5.3g of carbs per serve, these are the perfect guilt-free option for those who want to lower their intake of carbs.

Serve with berries, cream and butter for a delicious plate of fluffy food.

Keto Pudding Mixes


The perfect decadent dessert of choc pudding for keto, low carb and diabetic consumers.

Add a few everyday ingredients, eggs, butter and milk, to have 8 servings or 1 large choc pudding with delectable chocolate sauce.

Option to make it a dairy-free gluten-free dessert as well as egg free.

As with the choc pudding mix, you’ll only need simple kitchen ingredients to create 8 mouth-watering sticky date puddings with rich caramel sauce.

Mix in fruit, nuts, white choc chips and more to create your own flavourful variations.

Also another option for a dairy-free gluten-free dessert and egg free.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie


Easy, with few kitchen ingredients and 20 minutes in the oven. Now you’ll have fudgy brownies made of fair trade cocoa and 36% Australian-made dark chocolate.

No worries, if you’re looking for more than just 415g of brownies. 3kg foodservice packs are available from distributors.

Make it a dairy-free gluten-free dessert as well!

Choc Fudge Mug Brownie


The ultimate time saver! (a saves you from doing all the dishes). Simply add butter and milk and in just one minute in the microwave, you’ll have a flavourful fudgy dessert.

One pack serves four, or one if you don’t want to share! Add nuts, choc chips or berries to your mix for other variations.

Easily made into a dairy-free and gluten-free dessert if desired.

Gingerbread Loaf Mix


A ginger and spice versatile mix that you can turn into a loaf, slab or muffins. It can easily be made into a vegan, egg, dairy-free gluten-free dessert.

Caramel icing or honeyed cream cheese icing are my favourite options.

Can’t get enough from just one box? 3kg foodservice packs available from distributors.

Raspberry Coconut Cupcake Mix


For 12 delicious raspberry coconut cupcakes simply add in coconut cream, butter and eggs. Add a few fresh or frozen raspberries to the mix for an extra burst of flavour!

Substitutes can make it a vegan, egg, dairy-free gluten-free dessert!

Red Velvet Cake Mix


An easy and simple way to create a deep red velvet cake. With a hint of cocoa and topped with the cream cheese icing, everyone will think you bought from a professional baker.

A perfect gluten-free cake mix for a celebration, event, gathering or lunch box treat! And even make it dairy and egg free if needed.

3kg foodservice packs available from distributors.

Be sure to check out our website. You’ll find more info, tips, and recipes to get the most out of these tasty, textural and time-saving mixes. Whether you’re making these goodies for yourself, your friends and family, or a gluten-free bakery you’re sure to enjoy!

I’m continuing down this path of products in the future. I feel there is plenty of space in this category to continue releasing products that tick all of our usual allergens but also food lifestyle choices. Any baked good that gets consistent rave reviews from my kitchen benchtop is always on the list to potentially join the Melinda’s family!

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