Make your finger food catering COVID and allergy safe

Finger Food Ideas

Food is a great way to bring loved ones together, bond over stories and catch up. After the isolating past couple of years, the need for human connection arguably has never been stronger. For some, simply thinking up a menu for their gathering is stressful enough. Now, it’s no longer just allergies caterers must think about now when hosting guests. It’s also how to make service for finger food catering and meals COVID safe.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve talked about ‘COVID-safe catering for Dietary Requirements’ and ‘Finger Food Catering for Allergy Guests’. The last few years have meant that we have to be a bit more aware of safe service when it comes to catering. Today I want to share five simple tips for COVID and allergy-safe catering. I’ll also share some of my favourite recipes and products.

5 ways to make your finger food catering and meals service COVID and allergy safe

1. Individual serve catering 

Long gone are the days of grazing platters. Where hands would rush in to grab delectable finger food catering for you to eat with your eyes. This is just no longer a safe option. As discussed in my recent blog post, these perfectly packed serve boxes ensure that each guest can enjoy a delicious selection of your finger food catering. Without having to worry about other hands contaminating their food. Check out the blog post here for my suggestions of carefully crafted menus.


2. Serving by sticks

These are an easy addition to the shopping list. You can pick up toothpicks and skewers. at your local supermarket. Serving food on sticks is a great option. It will prevent everyone’s hands from physically touching their food and potentially other peoples’. A tip is to make sure that you pierce every single serving. This discourages people from reusing their used sticks to go in for more deliciousness. Here are some of my favourite recipes that can easily be converted into servicing with sticks. Finger food catering without using your fingers!

Finger Food Ideas

3. Mason jars

Mason jars aren’t just for aesthetic Instagram pictures anymore. They are a great way to serve individual meals. Whether it be salads, parfaits or overnight flaked rice. Mason jars provide a way for your guests to have their individual meals. They can see exactly what they’re getting and admire the beauty of your creation. They are perfect grab-and-go options for catering. A few of my favourite recipes that can be served in jars are as follows.

Finger Food Ideas

4. Single-serve sweets 

Dessert you can easily serve on a napkin means less time handling the food itself and everyone’s hands getting sticky sweet. Slices and biscuits can be a good option for finger food catering. Just prepare them to be served out to guests already pre-portioned. To avoid people reaching in to touch with their hands. Taking it a step further are desserts that have their own casings. An option like cupcakes is better than having a cake. The extra benefit of cupcakes is the extra casing to avoid physical touch. Below are some of my favourite products that are simple, COVID and allergy-safe. Sure to satisfy the sweet craving.

And muffins don’t always have to be for dessert, why not cater for those who don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Diabetic Muffin for Catering

5. Krafty containers 

Like mason jars, kraft containers provide a single-serve option you can distribute pre-packed.

These are great for catering bigger meals to guests. And the best thing? Your guest can take the scrumptious leftovers home with them. If there are any leftovers!

Pack these containers with hearty creations. Just whip up a salad or side to serve it with for a delicious full meal.

Lunch box for catering finger food

I hope that these 5 simple tips help you provide your guests with ways to serve your finger food catering and meals. In a safer way, for both allergies and COVID.

We may have to say goodbye to potlucks, buffets, platters and shared snack bowls. But that doesn’t mean we have to be rid of connecting with loved ones over delicious COVID and allergy-safe catering.



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