Why is my Sticky Date Pudding Sauce Sachet Hard?

As we choose not to include chemicals and preservatives sadly some of the satchels have gone hard due to air/moisture. Rest assured they are perfectly fine and will dissolve when you add to the butter and cream.

Why does your SR Flour and premix batters smell and taste different?

Due to ingredient supply issues we’ve had to alter our flour blend to a new style of soy flour. You now may notice a legume smell and taste in batter form; however the great news is this cooks off perfectly with no effect to the finished product however no more licking the spoon 😊.

Why does my Mug Dessert sink into my mug after cooking?

The reason this happens is we chose to leave out the egg. As per the back of our box you’re welcome to add ½ – 1 egg to your premix if you prefer a more soufflé texture – which is the traditional way a Mug Cake is prepared. This texture wasn’t to my liking so I chose to leave out the egg and create more a brownie and self-sauce pudding texture. This is perfect as the extra space also allows for a nice big dollop of ice cream or cream. It may feel like you don’t have enough but at 80g per brownie/pudding and a the extra ice cream or cream I’m sure one will be plenty!

Why did you change the Choc Fudge Brownie recipe?

Information about our new brownie recipe: Thank you for your calls and emails about our popular Choc Fudge Brownie. I understand some of you prefer the original recipe and want to apologise to you for the change. Due to production and supply costs we had to move to this new style or remove our brownies from sale. As the ingredients are the same the great news is you can still make it the same ol way if you prefer. Simply sift out the choc pieces and prepare as previously (melt the choc pieces with 120g/6 Tablespoons of butter; add the remaining cake mix and two eggs). Alternatively you can cook the new brownie a little less for a fudgy but still cakey brownie.

Why can’t I find the White Chocolate Custard Biscuits anywhere?

The White Choc Custard Biscuits premix product is no longer in production. However, the great news is we have released the recipe for the White Choc Custard Biscuits on our allergy free entertaining app available for upload on your iPhone or Android phone. Visit here for the details. Melindas now produces a gluten free Self Raising Flour used in the White Choc Custard Biscuit recipe. The flour is available through online stores. A list of the online stores is available here

Do you have the right sachets in your product/or do you think a sachet is missing from your product?

Please check the back panel of the product box under the title “In this box” for a list of sachets that should be included. If you are missing anything please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone to advise the product name, best before date and batch code (located on the top panel) so we can advise our packing warehouse and provide you with a replacement. Contact details

I’m not happy with your product?

If you are not completely happy with our products please do not hesitate to make contact via email or phone so we can discuss your concerns and provide a refund and replacement product. We want everyone to enjoy our products and are happy to get your feedback. Please contact us here.

I’m trying to find my favourite Melinda’s product?

As you may notice product availability varies from store to store and does change regularly. Please visit our ‘Buy some Goodies’ page for up to date locations of your favourite Melinda’s products.

Where is your Pancake & Waffle Mix?

Sadly we have discontinued this product due to poor sales. Some stores still have stock if you’d like to grab some for your pantry.