Allergy-safe catering in Melbourne – my bucketlist!

Catering in Melbourne

Hello Melbournians! In the past few blog posts, I have covered some amazing options in Brisbane and Sydney, today it’s time for allergy-safe catering in Melbourne.

For Brisbane and Sydney it was based on the companies we supply here at Melinda’s Gluten-Free Goodies. Although we don’t supply any businesses in Melbourne, it’s no surprise that the city famous for it’s limitless options of multicultural menus includes many who offer allergy-safe cuisine. Today I’m here to recommend some that have rave reviews on social media and that I’ll definitely be stopping by for a bite on my next visit. They are great options for your allergy-safe catering in Melbourne.

Catering in Melbourne
Catering in Melbourne

A beautiful fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine. Most of their menu uses the French slow cooking method, taking over 10 hours to create their Vietnamese dishes. One dish, the Caramelised Pork Rice Bowl, takes over 2.5 days! I’m sure the wait is worth it! Best of all, they cater for gluten-related health requirements. Boasting that they are the only gluten-free Vietnamese restaurant in all of Australia, for all my gluten-free buddies, this is a must-visit if you’re wanting a taste of Vietnam right in Moorabbin. 

Needing a cafe that has a couple of gluten-free options as well as non-health specific foods? Then this cafe in Camberwell could be for you. If you also need a space to hire out for your event or function they have indoor and outdoor private areas for hire and they’ll cater for you. Perfect for an intimate or larger gathering.

Offering a range of delicious-looking gluten-free and vegan treats this is one to check out. If you’re wanting contactless cakes, cookies or pastries for your allergy-safe catering then look no further. Check out the option to order a customised cake or purchase wholesale if that interests you. With a menu free from gluten, eggs, dairy and animal products, these treats are safe for everyone to enjoy! Their Instagram certainly is filled with a myriad of precious treats. Located in North Melbourne, Campbellfield, you’re sure to feel like a kid in a candy store. 

Pasta is one of those comfort foods that sadly is not always gluten-free. This restaurant has a menu ENTIRELY of fresh, homemade, gluten-free pasta that is sure to cure those carb cravings. You’ll find this scrumptious menu in Anstey Square, Brunswick. From their Instagram page they often sell out, so be sure to get in early to get your taste.

In Northcote, you’ll find an Italian restaurant that prioritises inclusion. Operating by the concept that everyone should sit at the same table, including vegans and celiacs. How cool is that? The menu offers a range of allergy-safe catering from pizzas, pancakes and pasta. The ability to order online for pick up or delivery provides you with an easy option for your allergy-safe catering in Melbourne. If you’re getting together with your friends and family this food will certainly add to that homely love. 

A 100% gluten-free cafe? Yes, please! If you’re looking for loaves, rolls, baguettes, Turkish bread, pizza bases and sweet treats for your allergy-safe catering this may be the place for you. You’ll find this option in Ivanhoe. You can order and pickup in-store, if you’ve already got too much on your plate organising your event then have the cafe deliver straight to your door. That certainly removes the stress of safe catering and getting the food to you.

Catering in Melbourne

Melbournians wanting allergy-safe catering, I hope this has provided you with a few options you’ll be able to check out for any type of catering event you hold. If you do, let me know. I for one, can’t wait to try out these places and I’ll be ticking all of them off my allergy-safe bucket list when I visit the city soon! 


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