New Low Carb / Sugar Free Range

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Melinda’s Gluten-Free Goodies has a great range of allergy friendly products with clean ingredient panels. Easy to prepare, great for entertaining and school lunchboxes and minus any cheap chemical ingredients you will find in other similar products.

Melinda’s products can be adapted to suit multiple allergy diets. Please check the packaging for advice on each product.

Melinda’s Gluten-Free Goodies are available nationally in supermarkets, selected IGA stores, other independent stores, selected health food stores, and on-line stores as listed on our Buy Some Goodies. Visit this page to check current availability of each product and use our postcode finder to locate your nearest stockist.

To see Melinda’s products in your local independent store please ask the Grocery Manager or store owner to contact our state distributor as detailed on the Wholesale Goodies Page.

Melinda’s foodservice range provides more options for members of the foodservice industry wanting to provide tasty allergy friendly menus for clients, patients and guests. Visit our Foodservice Page for full details.

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