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Melinda’s Gluten-Free Goodies is Australia’s leading gourmet gluten free range, providing great tasting products everyone will enjoy.

Join Melinda for a chat about where it all began and a walk through the factory while our delicious Red Velvet Cakes are being created

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Melinda’s is constantly developing innovative and delicious gluten free products to meet a growing demand.

Melinda’s range began with the introduction of the first gluten free slice premix. The range is loved by busy parents packing lunch boxes and preparing for parties with gluten free guests. A couple of your favourite premixes in the cupboard will ensure you are ready to cater for all of your guests.

With Melinda’s products in your kitchen, there is no need to prepare separate platters for your gluten free friends; everyone can enjoy these great tasting gluten free goodies.

To date, Melinda’s has delivered to the Australian market place the:

  • First gluten-free and fructose-free cake mix
  • First gluten-free water cracker
  • First gluten free premix brownie
  • First gluten free premix slice
  • First gluten free savoury premix
  • First gluten free premix also suitable for vegans
  • First gluten free foodservice product range

Melinda’s premix range means you can serve a gluten free dinner menu from hors d’oeuvres through to supper.


Melinda’s is a proud supporter of Ozharvest through regular food donations